SlowFeeding 3.0

To be honest, SlowFeeding 3.0 makes everything else on the market (exept maybe Round bale nets) obsolete.
Perfectly natural eating angles, safe also for shod horses, quick and easy to fill.
Astonishing test results in scientific comparisons.

The University of Agriculture in Sweden (SLU) compared Hay Bars with Slow Feeding Corner nets to traditional feeding on the floor. 4 horses had Slow Feeding Hay Bar and 4 horses received their feed on the floor. All 8 horses were filmed continuously for the 20 hours per day they did spend in their box stalls and the film was checked every 10 minute to see what the horse was doing. The result was remarkable. When the horses ate from a Slow Feeding Hay Bar they took many more breaks which resulted in that the ate 68% more often without eating morse.

2 fillings per day gave the horses continuous access to hay without eating more than when they received in 3 restricted servings on the floor (1.5% of their body weight in dry substance hay). 

This kind of resultst can only be expected after a schooling period when they have continuous access to SlowFeeding netted hay.