Corner Feeder Nets

"SlowFeeding Corner Feeder nets" are add-ons to regular Hay Bar®.
Available for both size Pony and Horse, each in all 3 mesh sizes. They are Super Easy to fill and eliminates the waste.

"SlowFeeding Corner Feeder Nets" have been tested by The University of Agriculture in Sweden with exceptional results.

2 fillings per day gave the horses continuous access to hay without eating more than they earlier received in 3 servings on the floor (1.5% of their body weight in dry substance hay). The horses split up their eating by themselves and ate 68% more often (compared to when they received 3 serving per day on the floor) during the 20 hours per day they did spend in the box stall.

This kind of results can only be expected after a schooling period when they have continuous access to SlowFeeding netted hay.