Round bale net, 180dia

There are three different principals when it comes to netting a round bale, a loose cover, a tight net from the top down or from the bottom up.

Usually most people believe that it would be easier to cover the bale in a net by throwing the net loosely over the bale but that is seldom true. Far too many horses spend far too much time trying to get their heads in under the net and you will have to spend far too much time preventing this. Okay so that might not be the best solution, what about dressing the bale in a tight net from the top down? Well.... round bales have a very thin baling net that make them keep their shape while being stored. This net needs to be removed before your horses can eat from the bale (quite some horse owners have forgotten this and wondered how the hay could last so long and why their horses seems to be so frustrated). When removing this baling net sometimes the bale falls apart making very hard to get the SlowFeeding net to fit over the collapsed bale. So what might look like an easy solution is really the most complicated. The least amount of work is with the high kind of round bale nets that are used from the bottom up.

There are 2 heights that both come in 3 mesh sizes.