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SlowFeeding RB140 Low

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In production
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RB140 low is made to cover a standard round bale from the top down. It is shaped as a big cylindrical bag but higher than a standard round bale to make it possible to pull it together around a pallet that the bale is standing on.
The main concern with this kind of solutions is that many horses spend lots of time and energy to get their heads in under the net. This can be avoided by use of tight plastic or rubber rings that fit the round bale or by placing the bale on a pallet around which the net is pulled tight.
 The main objectives with SlowFeeding round bale nets are to make the horses chew enough to feel content and stop eating naturally and of course to minimize waste (which they do very effectively).

Always keep feeding the old way too until the horses choose the netted bale by them selves when introducing SlowFeeding netted round bales.