Flat Nets

I have 5 net sizes taking from 5-45kg in my flat net family.

Flat nets work best hanging on a wall or smaller nets also between two poles in the paddock. All my flat nets come with "Loop Closing" that makes it quick and easy to close securely even with cold fingers. Add 1 small carabiner and you don't need to tie any knots at all.

All my flat nets come with 2 hanging ropes and are available in 3 mesh sizes:
Mesh size A = 30mm = 900mm2, for soft hay.
Mesh size B = 35mm = 1225mm2, Standard and always recommended.
Mesh size C = 40 mm= 1600mm2, for coars hay.
Mesh size 2+ = one side A the other side B
Mesh size 2++ = one side B the other side C
Mesh size 2+++ = one side A the other side C
Mesh size 3+ = A+B+C
Mesh size 4+ = B+A+A+B
Mesh size 4++ = C+B+B+C
Mesh size 4+++ = C+A+A+C

My recommendation is to never go smaller than 30mm mesh size since the risk of coarse strands blocking the holes completely. Larger meshes than 40mm have no Slow Feeding effects but only work as waste reduction nets. 

When a horse is fully schooled in Slow Feeding mesh size A, B or C makes no difference as long as the availability is continuous (he will just use some 30 minutes per 24 hours more or less eating).