SlowFeeding corner feeder net

"SlowFeeding corner feeder net" is an add on to a regular Hay Bar®.
Available for both size Pony and Horse, Super easy to fill and eliminates the waste.

"SlowFeeding corner feeder net" has been tested by The University of Agriculture in Sweden with exceptional results.

2 fillings per day gave the horses continuous access to hay without eating more than they earlier received in 3 servings on the floor (1.5% of their body weight in dry substance hay). The horses split up their eating by them selves and ate 68% more often (compared to when they received 3 serving per day on the floor) during the 20 hours per day they did spend in the box stall.

This kind of resultst can only be expected after a schooling period when they have continuous access to SlowFeeding netted hay.