SlowFeeding Small /40

In production
In production
Product Description:

Net size = 120 x 90cm = 48 x 36". Mesh size = 4cm = 1 5/8" which is meant for coarse hay or straw. Recommended for up to 10kg = 22 lbs loose soft dry hay even though max capacity is twice that.

If you ever will consider stuffing more than 10kg = 22 lbs of hay into the net I strongly recommend you to consider a larger size instead. Size Small is the most common size used for box stalls even though it need to be filled twice per day. The 4cm = 1 5/8" mesh is best for coarse hay or straw. This net can hang either flat on a wall or between two poles in the paddock.
A small SlowFeeding net in classic envelope design for all kinds of hay. It hardly slows the eating down but it make the horse chew better and it minimizes the waste.