SlowFeeding Micro 4 Special

Micro 4 Special
In production
In production
Product Description:

Net size = 90 x 60cm = 36 x 24". Mesh sizes are; one layer of 4cm = 1 5/8" mesh on each side and 2 layers of 3cm = 1 3/16" mesh in the middle. Recommended for 1kg = 2 lbs loose soft dry hay. A very tiny SlowFeeding net in classic envelope design but with 4 layers of nets which either creates 3 partitions for hay (2 main courses and 1 desert) or 1 compartment with doubled nets from both sides. Patent pending.

All our nets of size Micro are extremely small. They are recommended for no more than 1kg = 2 lbs. If you ever will consider stuffing more hay into the net I strongly recommend you to consider a larger size instead. Since SlowFeeding is based on the fact that horses need to eat more or less continuously a tiny net like this can not be the main SlowFeeding solution but only for temporary use if the horse is parked somewhere for a while.

The 4+ series are designed to hang or lay where horses can access them from both sides.