SlowFeeding Small /30

In production
In production
Product Description:

Net size = 120 x 90cm = 48 x 36". Mesh size = 3cm = 1 3/16" which is good for soft hay but can be a problem with coarse hay. Recommended for 10kg = 22 lbs loose soft dry hay even though max capacity is twice that.

If you ever will consider stuffing more than 10kg = 22 lbs of hay into the net I strongly recommend you to consider a larger size instead. Size Small is the most common size used for box stalls even though it need to be filled twice per day. The 3cm = 1 3/16" mesh is standard for soft hay and will make eating quite time consuming if the hay is coarse. It might even create problems for the horse to retrieve any hay if there are many coarse strands or weed mixed in the hay since they might block the mesh openings completely.