SlowFeeding Large 2+

In production
In production
Product Description:

Net size = 180 x 105cm = 72 x 42". Mesh size; one side in 3cm = 1 3/16" mesh on one side and the other in 3.5cm = 1 3/8" mesh. Recommended for up to 48kg = 120 lbs baled hay. This net is designed to take a full American square bale. A SlowFeeding net in classic envelope design for soft to normal hay.

It is almost impossible to move the net when full. Note that this model has different mesh sizes on the two sides. This makes it need to be hung in the upper two corners on a wall (or the horse will always eat from the easy side).The 3cm = 1 3/16" mesh is standard for soft hay and the 3.5cm = 1 3/8" works well for most kinds of hay. Choose which side that will face the wall and which side you want the horse to eat through.