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It is very important that you give us a street address and phone number since our carriers demand this information.

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Reseller terms:

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To maintain a high customer satisfaction my objective is to work for that where SlowFeeding SMHN Original is being sold experienced and knowledgeable customer support will be available.

A reseller that is targeting a special area, group or market niche must, therefore, make customer support available 10-17 Monday-Friday by someone that has SlowFeeding experience and is completely fluent in the same language in which the marketing has been presented.

If a reseller is marketing SlowFeeding SMHN Original in Japanese, on a Japanese web portal or through a Japanese webshop knowledgeable customer support in fluent Japanese must be made available Monday-Friday from 10 AM – 5 PM, Japanese time.

If it comes to my attention that someone is breaking this rule the right to buy SlowFeeding SMHN Original at discounted prices will be terminated.