The 3+ brings a revolution to SlowFeeding. It is the first model where YOU can decide for how long the hay is going to last.

Since the 3+ models have 3 layer of mesh, each with a different mesh size, it will be asymmetric and needs to be hung against a wall:
A = 30mm = 1 3/16" mesh
B = 35mm = 1 3/8" mesh
C = 40mm = 1 5/8" mesh
This creates two partitions for hay, like lunch and supper. The first partition is eaten through one layer of net and the second partition is eaten through two layers of net which of course is much more time consuming.

You can not only change the order of the mesh sizes by turning the net inside out in two different ways you can also determine how much and what kind of feed you put in each partition. Through this the possibilities are truely endless.

The alternatives are:
A hay BC, A hay B hay C, A hay B straw C, AB hay C,
C hay BA, C hay B hay A, C hay B straw A, CB hay A,
B hay AC, B hay A hay C, B hay A straw C, BA hay C,
B hay C hay A, B hay C straw A, BC hay A,
C hay A hay B, C hay A straw B, CA hay B,
A hay C hay B, A hay C straw B, AC hay B.