Advanced Slow Feeding

Advanced Slow Feeding nets are for Slow Feeding virtuosos that want to experiment with different solutions to find the perfect Slow Feeding solution for their horse.

Since we manage our own production we can produce almost any size and shape of nets and any combination of our 3 mesh sizes; 3cm, 3½cm and 4cm.

Flat nets can have 2-4 layers of net with the same or different mesh sizes. 

Flat nets usually have 2 net layers, one of each side of the hay. Here you can choose same or different mesh sizes on the 2 sides. Different mesh sizes give you the possibility to compensate for different hay qualities. Small meshes are recommended for soft hay and larger meshes for coarse hay. Coarse hay can block small meshes completely and make it impossible for the horse to get anything out.

3 layer nets have 2 compartments for hay. The 2 outer compartments are eaten through one net and the middle compartment through 2 net layers (like a doubled net). A 3 layer net utilizing 3 different mesh sizes offers 15 different mesh combinations.

4 layer nets can work as a doubled net that can be accessed from both sides or a 3 compartment solution where the outer 2 compartments are eaten through single nets and the middle through doubled nets.