Our nets are originally made for deep sea fishing and each mesh has a brake load of 140kg (1400kg if spread over 10 meshes).

There are two kinds of nets on the market, knotted and knotless nets. Our nets are, of course, made from knotless nets since that is much smoother than knotted nets.

Knotless nets are smooth.
Anyone forcing her horse to rub
his lips and gum on knotted nets
like this should be ashamed.

Cheaper materials, like polyethylene, feels like harsh plastic while our polyester is soft like cotton (but much stronger and doesn't absorb as much water and dirt).

Yes, these are the nets the other guys are making look-a-like copies of. They do however only copy the looks, never the quality. While most Small Mesh Hay Nets on the market suffer severe quality issues we have had less than 0,2% complains since we started producing SlowFeeding nets our selves back in 2010.



Highest quality Slow Feeding for your money. 
All our nets are made from smooth, soft, polyester of the highest possible quality and all are available in 3 cm, 3.5 cm, and 4 cm mesh.

SlowFeeding Flat Nets:
5 sizes of flat nets with the same mesh size on both sides.
All flat nets have integrated "Zipper closing".
These nets are recommended when you leave the nets hanging on the wall when you fill them.


SlowFeeding Hay Sacks:

6 sizes taking from 2-50kg loose dry hay. 
If you have a filling station where you fill all your nets these nets are much easier to fill than flat nets.


SlowFeeding Herds:

5 sizes for complete round bales and 1 for home-built boxes.


SlowFeeding Corners
Perfectly natural eating angles, safe also for shod horses, quick and easy to fill.
Astonishing test results in scientific comparisons.



Special Favorites

The anti-rattler bottle net.
Perfect for transporting up to 6 bottles of your favorite vine.



I started developing SlowFeeding 1997
and I have no plans to stop just yet
since I have sooo much in the pipeline.