Welcome to The Home of SlowFeeding!

Highest quality Slow Feeding for your money. 

All our nets are made from smooth, soft, polyester of the highest possible quality and all are available in 3cm, 3.5cm and 4cm mesh.

SlowFeeding Flat Nets:
5 sizes of flat nets with the same mesh size on both sides.
All flat nets have integrated "Zipper closing".
These nets are recommended when you leave the nets hanging on the wall when you fill them.


SlowFeeding Hay Sacks:

5 sizes taking from 5-50kg loose dry hay. 
If you have a filling station where you fill all your nets these nets are much easier to fill than flat nets.


SlowFeeding Herds:


SlowFeeding Corners
Perfectly natural eating angles, safe also for shod horses, quick and easy to fill.
Astonishing test results in scientific comparisons.



Special Favorites

Work in progress.
To never be completed!